Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day dreaming (vs. Day working)

Recently the idea of quitting work has become so irresistible in a such a potent way , that i am starting to wonder is it really me? So am I one of those non fighters , whose stress thresholds are a laughable low in today's time? May be its just the idea of change which is ever so enchanting , and it gets all of us at some point or the other ....May be accepting that change is the only perpetual entity in this world , we should let go!

Come to think of it , what do we have to lose here? Either we find our true calling or come back to the original routine if we happen to miss it.

I have a decent job .I mean it pays ok , the timings are not VERY strict (i can walk in at 11 am in the morning too without any comments) , and the organisational politics is not more than any other organisation. So what about the work , u may ask! Hmmm.....that's the catch i guess. It (the work) can be stimulating if you work very hard to get the operations part right , but more often that not everybody in my office just falls prey to this operations trap and end up having no time or energy to make the work stimulating by putting in some really good thinking.(Ok so you must be wondering , what is it that i do . I am into providing consultancy to marketing guys)

Anyway , so much for my job description. MY point is ...Is it so utterly wrong to fantasise not working in today's world ....(Even my mother told me I am nuts when i shared my newborn fantasy with her a few days back!)???

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Burning the bridges...

How far can you go to defy escapism??May be you never really escape from it ;for the moment you start doing that , you realise its not a straight road after all.

So are happy endings permanent , or to say happy partings?Are they followed by successful separations? Well I guess theres no harm in trying.Bitterness isn't always an ode to permanence. Maybe we all keep looking for these small reasons for ourselves to be angry enough , not to go back. Maybe its easier to burn the bridges , in this oil of anger.And if we can do that without burning our bridges , maybe we really do possess that coveted strength of character. Knowing that the bridges exist , and yet resisting the temptation to walk back through them is the ultimate test . I guess its worth a try. For one , it saves you from burning your own hands in that fire , and two , you still smile when the pangs of nostalgia hit you. Whatever it is , it IS worth a try in all sincerity.....

...And in the end, even if we fail, we would still be content with the fact that at least tried.At the end of the day , don't we all absolve ourselves by resting on the clutches of "After all we are all human"

.....I feel at peace with myself. Processing ideas and reaching conclusions for the benefit of others has always proven to be the most beneficial for me. And this is no different!!!

Thankyou once again!!!May the rest of the world too gets lucky enough to see the personification of their vision.

Does beauty equal the co-existence of contadictions?

Sometimes I wonder why do all things worth appreciating are embedded with contradictions? May be its a vicious circle after all . Maybe one extreme cant be so beautiful without the other. Incomplete deters beauty, and maybe thats exactly why these contradictions exist.They complete each other.They enable us to appreciate their severity which wouldn't exist in isolation.

So co-existence of extremes is beauty , but squeezing them to lose their identity to form a new entity...would that be beautiful too?? I am not sure!