Wednesday, April 17, 2013

At ease with being difficult...

Guy X : Arent you being difficult now?
Me : Well, a girl woman would rather be called difficult than easy!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yeah well....

Girl : blah blah blah.....
Mr. X : Ha ha fuck you 
Girl  (serious face) : By the way Indian girls take a serious offence to guys using that phrase in front of them.
Mr. X : Well, its just like you smoking in front of a non smoker like me
Girl : Fuck you!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Silver Lining Playbook

A rare combination of realism and romance!

Cooper is excellent with his impeccable timing. His prowess as an actor clearly shines through his accurate portrayal of wide ranging emotions and of course his proven success in comedy. And the lead actress (Jennifer) does one heck of a job matching him on all fronts. She is quirky, she is talented and she is hot!!

Has something for everyone - From big themes around football and dancing to being crazy in love and otherwise :)
Special bonus - Deniro's usual brilliance on screen delivered ever so naturally and Anupam Kher's special appearance!

All in all, a great watch. Simple yet profound and doesn't try to be pretentious (at least i thought so!). Makes you realise that crazy is just another dimension of real life which can co-exist with love, romance and happiness. But more importantly reiterates the importance of human connections over anything else in life!