Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Career wise (Just a fun assessment, nothing serious!)

You guys can take it here

The Quick and Dirty Career Test

Mine says :

Your Career Personality: Independent, Flexible, and Ingenious

Your Ideal Careers:

  • Astronaut
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer
  • Nightclub owner
  • Photographer
  • Private investigator
  • Real estate developer
  • Stand up comic
  • Venture capitalist
  • Video game developer
Hmmm...Ok lets see...

Astronaut - yeah , used to think it would be cool to become one when i was a kid ..the interest vanished as soon as i was old enough to realise the amount of effort required to get there!

Entrepreneur - this one i am sure , i can never become .Just don't have that sly(oops i meant smart...sorry all those entrepreneurs out there) streak! .Ok first mistake by this great test....lets not be too harsh here and take away the accuracy credits form the test just for this!

Lawyer - Now this test is talking my language. Have always been fascinated with the law...always wanted to become a lawyer , still do! Damn this Indian mentality of making your children either doctors or engineers (At least i belong to that era!) . But hey , who knows.....someday , maybe!

Nightclub owner - Now this sounds interesting . Though cant picture myself easily as one but nonetheless interesting. Let me try to imagine ...hmmm....Dimly lit , nice music (No loud music .. yea yea i know , nightclub & no loud music ...Damn it! its my nightclub) surrounded by beautiful people all having a good time.....seems good . Ok this sounds just too good to be true. Lets take a reality check here. Shall we? the stench of Beer ,broken bottles & glasses on the floor , half wit semi naked youngsters , pot bellied frustrated middle aged men , one scarce glimpse of a pretty girl here and there getting lost in all this chaos.....and NO single eligible men. Well.... I would have to pass this as a career option.

Photographer - Yea, like that. Had even taken the first step of buying a camera , but never really got around to doing more than that , till now. But i will start someday , i promise myself , i will. Whenever that is , i am sure it would be more of a hobby than a career. So yeah nice but no thankyou (as a career option) .Ok lets be a little more honest here , I also think i would suck big time in that if i were to ever do it professionally (no body judges you , when the pursuit is a hobby and not a profession)

Private investigator - This one sounds cool. But too much and too frequent appearance change required , I guess . Pass!

Real estate developer - Hmmm.... lot of money with the current booming trend in the industry , my graduation degree in a related field ...should appeal to me , right? But it doesn't , just doesn't!

Stand up comic - That my friends (and yeah almost all of them!) say i already am . Stand up , Sitting Backwards , Lying down , whatever!

Venture capitalist - OK i loved "financial management" (a credit course in my post graduation) and scored well too . However that's my only claim to any interest in this field . Maybe its just that the foreign author who wrote that book on the subject, which i read from cover to cover with much interest unlike any other text book i remember , was a great writer. I don't know. Lets just say , i don't think i would be motivated enough in that field in spite of the fact that i love numbers.

Video game developer - Yeah , this one seems like a great idea. I shall try it ...definitely! By the way , would somebody please tell me if you need any special skills like formal programming /coding training for this one ???

And the irony is - So many suggestions for a career ...and none of them even slightly hints / relates to what i do currently . And i always thought that i am not too "off the mark" in choosing this line of work (But i didnt CHOOSE my current field any which way ...it was more like default than by design ...so Maybe it was just a rationalistaion at the end of the day).

One more thing which i hate to bring to even my attention here is - Writing isnt one of these options . **sigh** ....But I am still not giving up !~ (I am sure this foolhardy optimism is going to kill me someday and that day isnt far either)

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