Sunday, December 26, 2010


Me to a female qualitative co-ordinator in my office - "When the consumers arrive for their indepth interviews, please inform Mr Ahmed" (my colleague who is supposed to conduct these interviews)

Qual Co-ordinator : "Mr Ahmed? No!"

Me : "Errrr.... ok..."

(Awkward silence)

Me : "Ahhhh u r kidding... ok ok"

(Qual co-ordinates straight face, no smiles. Me thinking - Good sense of humour, but a smile from her side wouldn't have hurt)

(Me back to my seat)

(Desk phone ringing)

Qual co-ordinator on the other line : "Gina, Mr. Ahmed - NO!"

Me : "Whats, whats wrong?...."

Qual Co-coridnator : "Gina I am telling Mr. Ahmed - NO!"

Me : "Ok just inform me and i shall inform him"

Qual co-ordinator : "we will send a mail to him"

Me : (thinking what the hell did Mr Ahmed do to this woman that she doesn't want to speak to him at all, and is expressing the same so vehemently in such an outright manner) "Dear, what seems to be the problem.I understand that you dont want to speak to him , so i am suggesting that you just tell me and i shall tell him. He might not be at his desk so he might not see the mail for some time"

Qual Co-ordinator - "Gina Mr. Ahmed NO... "K N O W"....."

.... yeah English is a tricky language!!