Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day dreaming (vs. Day working)

Recently the idea of quitting work has become so irresistible in a such a potent way , that i am starting to wonder is it really me? So am I one of those non fighters , whose stress thresholds are a laughable low in today's time? May be its just the idea of change which is ever so enchanting , and it gets all of us at some point or the other ....May be accepting that change is the only perpetual entity in this world , we should let go!

Come to think of it , what do we have to lose here? Either we find our true calling or come back to the original routine if we happen to miss it.

I have a decent job .I mean it pays ok , the timings are not VERY strict (i can walk in at 11 am in the morning too without any comments) , and the organisational politics is not more than any other organisation. So what about the work , u may ask! Hmmm.....that's the catch i guess. It (the work) can be stimulating if you work very hard to get the operations part right , but more often that not everybody in my office just falls prey to this operations trap and end up having no time or energy to make the work stimulating by putting in some really good thinking.(Ok so you must be wondering , what is it that i do . I am into providing consultancy to marketing guys)

Anyway , so much for my job description. MY point is ...Is it so utterly wrong to fantasise not working in today's world ....(Even my mother told me I am nuts when i shared my newborn fantasy with her a few days back!)???