Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mini Celebrity on a Matrimonial site

One of many strange personal ads on a matrimonial sites ....(yeah , i have been there for 5 years now...I guess they should publish their unsuccessful stories too , at least i would get a chance to get published) . So i received a mail from this bachelor around last month , went and checked out his profile...laughed alone ...and thought that was the end of it (Never responded to the mail though! , read on will know why). So when i got another mail from this guy asking for my number last week, i had totally erased him out of memory. Had to go back to his profile again to remind myself of who he was ...yeah , and as soon as i read the first 2 lines , i remembered.

Couldn't help posting his ad here ... even on the 2nd reading , it had the same effect on me. So whatever its worth , here's to a good laugh and some wide eyed amusement. Enjoy!

My comments in blue
[P.S. - My apologies to the bachelor :)....]



I am very outgoing and dynamic by nature. A true Indian techie and has earned name worldwide (So , ok till here u think its just another bachelor selling himself , but wait it gets better and funnier!). I work for a very big MNC (Mind it people , VERY BIG). Watching movies or going on a long drive or taking a walk along the sea line are few of my favorite passtime.(For somebody in a big MNC , you would think he would spell "favourite" right to say the least , also would use plural "passtimes" for a list of activities) I balance my lifestyle in a different manner at different places. Always value my parents and my relatives.

My Job: I work for a very big MNC (fortune 100 company) (VERY BIG , believe him people , VERY BIG ...)as a team lead. For my peers and people who are working in my field, I am a mini-celebrity to them (This cracked me up....i couldn't stop laughing for two minutes exaggeration here!). In other words, I am pretty much well known in my industry and I do have lot of fans like any other industrial celebrity (Fans?? oh my god!!...Industrial Celebrity ??.. I was about to faint). Besides this, I have been invited by several education institutions as a speaker or guest.. (Well..i am actually surprised that he ended it here, but then again, maybe he must have been getting late while writing this to go to some institution as a speaker!)

Looking for: I am looking for someone who is very beautiful in all sense i. e. by looks, by nature and by personality (Great sentence formation for a mini celebrity ref- beautiful in all "sense"). The one after seeing whome (cant even use spell check on the word editor , Mr. Celebrity in the IT field?) I will never feel like looking at any other girl.(Trust me man , you would still look) She should be a perfect blend of beauty + nature + intelligence. She should always keep the family values on high priority and devote herself completely towards it. It will be always ensured that she will stay like a queen of my heart and will be liked by all the family members..... There are still more to be written but for the time being I have to stop here :) ("There ARE still more to be written"...Man , I tell you sometimes i feel so frustrated with such language butchering )

My Family: Both my dad and mom are the most wonderful people in this planet. They treat everyone same and love to help people. They do a lot of social service and for people they are like GOD. (Oh , so not only him but his parents also ! And no less than nothing else but GOD!!)
I have only one sister. (And she is worth one line only! ...She must not be either a celebrity or GOD)


What do you say to that?


M squared said...

For this 'mini celebrity', Celibacy would be the 'ideal' path to God-hood. Amen!

Paradox Phillic said...

lol @ m squared ...
I agree!!