Monday, August 6, 2007

Google referrals : What fun!!

In my pursuit of passing time in office (while waiting for the cab) got curious to check where the hits (on my blog , of course!!) were coming from .....

So apart form enewss which has just declared my "girly possessions" the top outgoing link , even google is helping me build the readership ... but whats more interesting is how do these people get here...I am sure all bloggers gets hits like this , from everywhere , from all varied unrelated google queries...But me being relatuvely new in thsi blogspace , couldnt resist the tempation to share my amusement with silent [..uh, not so silent now , readers :]

So here are the first 15 referals (google queries ) later ...

  1. Sex Cures Migraine
  2. Post Sex Migraine
  3. What to do when u make someone angry
  4. How to make a woman obsess about you
  5. Happy at 30 being single
  6. Alpha Female
  7. You Are Pretty Happy Being Single
  8. Man wants me as an option
  9. How do u spell bachelor?
  10. "as real as it gets" blogspot
  11. O FUCK U BITCH I DONT NEED THIS THIS SHIT (this one takes the cake! ROFL)
  12. You don’t need one, you want one
  13. Happy being single
  14. Married ex wants me back
  15. Being single and happy

Its funny , yes but it gives me immense pleasure to notice that Happy & Single appears quite often in these queries.

I really need to hear that (Approaching 30 , rem??)

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