Saturday, July 19, 2008

Melancholy or Bliss?

These tracks are probably supposed to stir a lot of emotion in you.... but i am pretty sure among all these varied emotions , what i felt wasnt one of the intended ones.
I checked with my friends ... and when asked about how they felt after listening to these tracks, sadness/melancholy reverberated in some form or the other in all of their reactions

But everytime i listen to these tracks, I experience totally different emotions.....(Of course, i had never seen these videos before posting them here... I have never been a fan of music videos, i feel the video only detracts from the pure experience of audio. I talk only of the audio here.)

I feel a sudden surge of stimulating joy, everytime I listen to this

Again, listening to this one soothes my senses with joy again :)

Let me know guys, what emotions did you feel while listening to these tracks..

P.S. Both these tracks are Pakistani compositions. God Bless their music genius!


Maverick said...

any special reason for liking these songs???

i heard the first one and it sounded quite like some other songs iv heard.

but again, i enjoyed some sections of the song... reminded me of college days :)

agree with u on the audio being the soul of the song. if you like rock music, you mite wanna try artists like eric clapton, gnr, ozzy osbourne... just let the songs play and eyes closed! works for me!

Maverick said...

just heard the second one: khamaj!

wonderful song and fantastic video in this case as well. good choice!

Paradox Phillic said...

@maverick - Why these? For two reasons.. 1-I discovered them recently 2-I was surprised to realise that i didnt feel what the song was supposed to convey but the exact opposite...

And yes i do like gnr , Eric Clapton (some of the times)& not so much into heavy metal , so no ozzy osbourne for me (I like Joan Osbourne though :P)

Paradox Phillic said...

@Maverick - Guess we were both writing comments at the same time :)

Well i wouldnt want to take the credit for the video choice , for me its only the audio that matters... and i dont know how to upload a track here but from youtube. So video is there just for that reason... but i am glad you liked it...

Maverick said...

@paradox: rat-a-tat commenting eh ;)

if ur upto it, do take a look at a short story im writing: Unread Message

and btw, jtyjn isnt so bad if ur spending 3 hours at home... quite enjoyable, just that i had some subjective misgivings about it! enjoy!

Maverick said...

@paradox again: read chapters from 1 to 5... that would be in reverse order to display on page

Paradox Phillic said...

@ Maverick - will do..

BTW, didnt realise that i actually didnt see the video of khamaj even after downloading & putting it up here (I know, I am a nutcase!)Its only now, after ur comment that i saw it! (More often than not, i dont care about the videos AT ALL).
But yeah, you are right, this video is not that bad :)

zombie said...

The second song is nice..I quite like it. Have heard it a couple of time earlier. You are right it somehow doesn't evoke melancholy feelings but it's very melodious. The video seems to be inspired from a very old number and a beautiful one - 'Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam' which is from the movie from the movie 'Guru' I think starring Waheeda Rehman and Guru Dutt. Now that's one song which is really sad and touching.

And the first song- didn't find much to say about it but like many other numbers, I guess it could grow on me :)

Paradox Philic said...

@Zombie - You know what, although i have listened to this track (khamaj) countless number of times had never seen its video (dint quite pay attention even after uploading it here!)...but after the comments i did i have a look and
yes it does look like the old Guru Dutt classic.

However I was more surprised at what i felt while listening to the 1st track....
To each his own, i guess :)

I do hope though, that it grows on you..and we enjoy it together when we go for a long late night drive in ur car with windows rolled down :D I am so looking forward to the India trip

zombie said...

that means i have a deadline to get the music system fixed in my car!

zombie said...

infact just today my office gang was asking me why on earth had I still not got a system fixed in my car..and I began to wonder why.. and you won't believe what I said to them - "coz I don't have frens here with whom I can go zooming in my car late at night with music at full blast!"

Paradox Philic said...

@ Zombie - Read the signs. Didnt i always tell you WE are soulmates ... he he he