Saturday, April 18, 2009

One PIE please ... with some extra "I"

So some of us know what PIE stands for .... yes i am referring to the acronym for Physical, Intellectual, Emotional.

I used to believe that all conflicts/ confusions in a man-woman relationship could be easily explained by the fact that the order of heirarchy among these three needs is totally opposite in men & women. Let me explain. A man needs his PIE aspects to be taken care of in exactly that order - First Physical, then Intellectual and then Emotional. While for a woman, the order is exactly the reverse. For her it is Emotional first , followed by intellectual and then Physical. At least that was what i used to believe (with a few exceptions of course... for me the "I" has always surpassed "E" by zillions of miles..but we are not talkign about me here.)

Was just wondering if this theory still works? I am not sure anymore. 
So is this the new-age world everybody keeps talking about? 

I just hope it means that whatever is the order, its the same for both the sexes. But life isnt that simple, now is it??


People in the Sun said...

I'm just me, so what do I know. But maybe for men the I is less important... And the Emotional and the Physical are pretty much the same: we just need a good hug.

Arslan said...

I think that hit the nail on the head. I try to make 'I' matter more, but being a guy, the 'P' is irrepressible..
Somewhat related:

Stupidosaur said...

Actually the order of the PIE is more of CAKE. Can Alter, Keeps Exchanging :P

Quirky Indian said...

Does knowing your PIEs make you wise? :-)


Quirky Indian

Anand said...

Feel like seeing your DISC profile. Lemme know if you haven't one and would like one.

BrownPhantom said...

Can't help the differences. Blame "evolution" for that :).

Paradox Philic said...

People in the sun - And here i was thinking hug is a very female thing! :)

Arslan - Yeah bang on!

Stupidosaur - Repartee is truly your forte :)

Quirky Indian - Well i used to think so. But lately i am confused and i sure dont feel wise about it.

Anand - No dear i dont even know what DISC stands for. And yes i would love to get that profile done for me.

Brown Phantom - The undying spirit of us humans when its comes to blaming, truly amazes me :P

Stupidosaur said...

Did someone die around here?
Hope it wasn't you :P

Thats my second Re(Reply)Party. When are you gonna join it?

oRange* said...

haha, i liked the title :)
good post!
keep writing.

Paradox Philic said...

@Orange - Thanks man. Glad you liked it :)