Sunday, January 27, 2008

Amitabh Bachchan ...five five five

Before i moved to this country , i did some net surfing to read up a little bit , just to get an idea of how life is going to be for me , an Indian there. Out of the many things that i learnt prior to my coming here was that these people just looooove Bollywood.... and the first thing that leaves their lips , after they realise / are told that you are an Indian , is "Amitabh Bachchan" (but pronounced more as Amitaaa Bachchan)

After being here for a week , surprisingly enough i hadnt come across any local who uttered the name of this Bollywood legend after getting to know that I am an Indian. So just when i was about to discard this whole theory of "India = Amitaaa Bachchan" according to the localites here , I happened to hire this cab.

Ok, so heres what happened!

One day after work , after much difficulty , i finally managed to get a cab to go to my hotel after work. (usually its pretty easy to find a cab ...just my luck that day , i guess!). So usually it takes about 6 bucks for this commute from my office to the Hotel , however i generally give ten when I am in a hurry and dont wish to waste time in negotiating. That day i was tired of trying to get a cab ...I had stopped some 6 cabs , told them where i want to go (by showing them this paper slip which i carry with me , one side of which has my hotel address , another side my office address written in the local language!)... and finally had managed to get inside one. This cab driver couldnt understand that i would pay him ten bucks (which is much more than its actually worth) , so i had to gesture 5 twice with my hand , just so he could understand the figure ten.

I dont know whether he understood or not , but i got in the cab anyway . On the way , he asked me if i was an American. I said no and tried to explain that I am fom India. He didnt understand India , but intelligently enough linked it to Hind after thinking for some time (Hind is a more common word for Indians/ India here!) . Just as he made this discovery , his eyes twinkled in delight , and pat came the words - "Amitaaa Bachchan?" . Then as if something hit him , the expression on his face took a 360 degree turn . He told me - "No five five...Amitaa Bachchan....five five five". And after that he kept singing five five five , Amitaa Bachchan , five five five ..... (repeat).....(repeat)...... wasnt ready to listen to me when i tried to protest.

So i sat calmly and thought to myself that i shouldnt ruin his moment of joy with this discovery of me being a Hind , or the discovery of his vocal talent at that very moment , or just remembering to practice his vocal chords (in case he was alraedy aware of his talent OR in case his family didnt let him practice in teh house , hence he was seeking refuge in the workplace i.e. the cab). When we reached my hotel , i told him NO five five five , only five five. He looked at me , made a puppy face and then not so happily took the money . He asked my name meanwhile and after that said - Man name?? (Surprisingly suddenly he knew English!) I said no Man. He then gestured to ask - how come i didnt have a bindi on my forehead if i was a Hind? I said no Man (once again) , No Marriage.... Then he suggested through hand gestures that maybe we should get married....

Out of all the unexpected that i had expected , these sure werent on my list .

.....A cab driver proposing marriage to me!

.....Amitabh Bachchan adding an extra five bucks in my cab fare!

So moral of the story - However much you try to preampt the unexpected , more often than not you will be taken aback (And if you are lucky , maybe this unexpected would amuse you too!)


Jay said...

That cab driver seems to be skilled at making money! Maybe you should give the guy a chance ;-)


Paradox Phillic said...


Parul said...

hehe..better than those auto walas in del. remember the kinda debate they use to get into jst to charge an xtra for that U turn from AIIMS to S.ext.

Paradox Phillic said...

@Parul... Even after all those things i miss delhi... I guess its only natural to miss a place where you have stayed for so long!!!

Anonymous said...


I have a love/hate relationship with Hamlet 2. I love the humor, the way it sends up inspirational teacher movies before becoming one itself, and I love Steve Coogan's engaging – and even mildly heartbreaking – performance. I hate the fact that out of the blue I'll break out singing, "Rock Me, Rock Me Sexy Jesus…" It's like one of those TV theme songs that's stuck recycling itself in your brain, emerging just when you least expect it to for the sole purpose of annoying you to the point you want to rip out your own tongue. That's why I hate Hamlet 2.