Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weird Dream : Floating in the sea

Yesterday I had the most weird dream (I usually have a sound , dreamless sleep!)
So dreams are a rarity for me.

Anyway so there it was ...the dream....which i still remember , 12 hrs after i have woken up!

In the dream i was sleeping somewhere (this part was blurry) , then the next moment i was in the sea floating on the surface , making my way to the other side . Other side? of the sea? Yes i know its weird ...but in the dream that was how it was.

There was someone else too who was forced to be in the sea , the same floating situation for him or her (i cant remember!) too. So we were to reach the other side of the sea ,while making up for our sleep on the way, whatever we could.Also no swimming apparently cos 1. I don't know how to swim & 2. for some funny reason , i didn't want to wet my clothes (at least all the sides . By floating only one surface of my clothes touched water)

So i floated and flaoted and floated some more...avoiding some dead dog's body in the way whose date of birth was written on its arm and it was 5th of July. And it was as if i was compelled by a strange force to remember that.

I along with that other person reached the other side and had to go the bathroom , something like a Public utility run by govt , which was right there in front of us. So i tried to unlock the door . It was tightly shut and some govt official woman from the other side was guarding it and making sure that it doesn't open. I was outraged as it was meant to be a public utility which should have been accessible to all public all the time.So i peeped in from the window , besides the door and saw that the area was being used for some medical work some patient was there because the adjoining public hospital didn't have enough space for everything. So my fury vaporised .

But i still needed to go the bathroom.....

What happened next? well i don't know..........thats all i remember! Or maybe thats where the dream ended.

Weird , eh??????????


Parul said...

hahahahah !! that was creepy. trust that frnd helping you sink was your female chum from B 17 recollections...D*V*KA

Paradox Phillic said...

@ Parul ..
Our subconscious has a way of replaying things back to us in our dreams , things - memories of which are triggered by certain stimuli and which we so successfully suppress while awake....

Still havent figured out what this dream meant ... but then again aour awake mind helps us forget things , so i had successfully pushed this dream to the territory of forgotten things before u commented... and will do that again now :)

Saroj Thakur said...

I strongly believe that dreams are a voice from the unknown. Could it be that this dream preheralded your "a day in a hospital"? I ead this post today and the first thought that came to my mind was your day at the hospital.