Saturday, January 26, 2008

Surpise, Surprise!!

Few things that took me by surprise in the last few days.Never thought that I would...

...reach office everyday at 9 am (I have never been able to make it before 10.30 in my entire work life!)

...have more coffee than tea in a day (And i have always been a tea person!)

...reject a house just because of the fact that it has a flight of stairs in the living room (which go nowhere!) my Pakistani colleague the best in the office . After all , hes the most helpful of the lot here (and this lot by the way includes some Indian ex colleagues!)

...find the groceries & toiletries would be at the same price as India.

...find the malls being open till 2 am and crowded too (you would never feel its 2 already if you are inside the mall) .... and you could for vegetables at your local vendor till 4 in the morning.

And last but not the least - Food : Never thought i would... Pasta by choice ( me , this was the safest choice after the fiasco like lamb & lady fingers!...there is a typical dish here in which Mutton / lamb is cooked with lady fingers ....eeeeeeew!!)

...crave for Ice Cream ( I have always had ice cream when my friends wanted to , never by my own initiative!) so happy to spot Mcdonalds or a chinese restaurant (anything familiar in food choices would make my spirits soar these days!)


Jay said...

Careful on the last one.. you might end up looking like an oblate spheroid!

Parul said... u finally could manage to leave your bed on time ..i remember u postponing the alarm a zillion times before hitting the loo...sundays were lavish ..aloo paranthas and tea..yumm !

Paradox Phillic said...

@ Parul... yeah those were fun days...
I miss them ...a lot!!