Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trying to paint the canvas white...And I just might!

Yellow lights, green lights .... all saying the world is bright
And I run towards the sign which says “Its all black and white”

I run and see …and see and run, where to I don’t know
Wasn’t I supposed to have a guide in this damn show?

I thought I found you but I only saw, not bothering to open my eyes
So tell me who should I really blame for being blessed with this vice.

I am not into worship so don’t bother asking me to pray
But I might just let go, so yes you will have to ask me to stay…


I Walk Alone!!! said...

wonderful thoughts... although don't seem like random to me :P

life is not "all black and white". its many shades of Grey as well... and it is in these shades that we are perpetually caught up...

Zubin said...

wow..you are getting smart.. :p lol..

hmmm..you asked a question here..and the answer lies in this post as well..!!

So now you are into painting...?? :O..go ahead..paint it white..and when you are done..lend me the brushes..I may as well need them..!!

I think I just stopped making sense..I should have rather copy-pasted the previous comment..!! :D :p

(I don't want to be intellectual anymore..silly me is a much happier person..!! :D)...whats the color for silly btw...??..yellow..?? :D

Zubin said...

ahem...I am right here on blogger..!! :O
...and you are still asking me where I am...on my abandoned wordpress blog..!!??? :p

..now I am confused..!! :O

Paradox Philic said...

I walk alone - Its just something i wrote in semi asleep, semi awake state... not knowing fully what i meant... or maybe i did (know)!

Paradox Philic said...

Zubin - Actually it was just a random blabber....nothing more!
Dont read too much into it...

I like you yellow :P