Sunday, January 11, 2009

50%... Huh?

So i tried this (following it from another bloggers space, who by the way is quite entertaining) and see what i got!

Genderanalyzer for your blog  : Results

Silhouette of a manWe guess is written by a man (50%), however it's quite gender neutral. 

Is this correct?   

So even if the % is 50:50 for man:woman, the gendernalyzer picks "man" to be stated in its verdict! Hmph!

Now my agreeing or not agreeing (with the verdict that is!) is one thing, but how the hell do i vote whether this result is correct , incorrect or even dont know. Damn!! it doesnt take much to confuse me..


Anonymous said...

are you sure you have the right poll on your blog? coz the number of clicks in the results seem to be goofed up :P

are you playing with your own poll? hmmm something is funny. are you by any chance trying to get an answer as YES :P

Paradox Philic said...

I walk alone - Huh??

Sorry, at work my IQ drops substantially! (And lets face it, as it is its not great to begin with...)

Anonymous said...

Oh is it? :P

Honestly what is it that you are trying to do with this post? Kuch samjha nahi...

Paradox Philic said...

I Walk Alone - Well...well.. well...i just copied pasted the results... with the links intact cos its better formatted that way.
I was just trying to say that when a blog analyser says its 50% man ...and the blog owner is infact a woman... how is she supposed to respond to whether the results are correct or not.

The poll however just reflects how many people found the results accurate on this analyzer.

Sane Insane said...

Kya bakwaas hai! I followed the link to test mine, and got the following result: "We think is written by a woman (64%)"

BrownPhantom said...

For me it says 63% chances of being a woman . I would never put this up on my blog. Sane-Insane beat me by 1% though :).

Preeti said...

For me it says 64% female. so thats like pretty accurate.

the correct side of 50% is always a positive sign in such cases, dont you think???


Paradox Philic said...

Sane Insane , Brown Phantom - Ha ha... guess the test was referring to the sensitive side of the writer in you :P

Preeti - Yes anything above 50% on the right side is a positive sign.... but then what about the exact 50% (as in my case), what do we make out of that??

Preeti said...

I am not talking...

na haa...


Sane Insane said...

Paradox, Dil behlane ko Ghalib ye khayal acchha hai. Lol, Thanks anyways :D :D

Kaddu said...

Definitely NOT an accurate test!

Says my blog's been written by a 68% female!

and I can't walk like a girl... or talk like a girl... or do ANYTHING like a girl! Duhhhh! "6.8% female" would have been a more accurate analysis I'd say!

Stupidosaur said...

It says mine is written by 95% female.
So the question is
1) Was I fooling everyone for so long posing as a male Stupidosaur?
2) Am I a fool to actually beleive that I am a male Stupidosaur?
3) Is the analyser a fool tho think so?
4) Is analyser trying to fool around?
5) Do most people (as per the analyser) show their 'other side' on blog and thus fool the analyser?

Whatever. Doesn't Matter. ;)