Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Eve

First things first - A very happy new year to all of you!

New year's eve for me was good...actually more than I could ask for.
Some random observations from the eve

1. I actually relished (and waited for the second serving!) the joke which they call samosas here (I mean really, their size could make a ram-laddoo feel proud for being so gigantic!) & spring roll look-alikes which seemed to have reluctantly left their dancing fields viz. the oil pan, still holding on to excessive oil.

2. I didnt mind the fact that even after charging us quite a decent amount of money, the organisers provided only the mixers for our tonics. Yes we had to bring our own alcohol.

3. I didnt lose my temper on the DJ who was so hyped to be an indian DJ (hence my expectations of all bollyqwood masala tracks!) insisted on playing english tracks more than the hindi ones. And he didnt even have any number that i requested. Ok, to be fair to him, i requested only one particular number Namak Ishq ka from Omkara ...and then i gave up hope (now if he didnt have that...THAT track... then could i really expect anything else?) Ok, to be honest...i went up to him more than once to strangle him and take charge but everytime my colleagues somehow managed to pull me back. And given his size i could have easily achieved that feat. Damn!~

4. I was somewhat surpised by the fact that i can still be on the dance floor for 5 hours straight!! yeay!! (and inspite of the above mentioned!) .....who knows, it could have been more, had they not politely hinted towards closing.. by serving food! (Really, who cares for food when you get to drink and dance??)

5. I realised that my dormant wish to learn salsa suddenly found wings on that dance floor.... (its still not fallen weak though its been more than 72 hrs since that dance floor... so i am hoping i will do something about it this time!)

6. I still dont take initiative in terms of social networking. No i am not anti social... i just dont have the drive to initiate it...thats all! So while i sat there enjoying my drink (for the first half an hour i.e. before the dance floor opened) some people came to my table, chatted ...and i reciprocated. While my newly married friend from office surfed through the entire gathering chatting up all of them one by one (i really think he covered everyone!) leaving his wife in my safe company. So I had to finally sit him down and wave this eye opener in front him. What, you ask? Well..think about it, he gets both the luxury of not sitting glued to the chair next to his wife and HAVE a wife...and i dont get either?? Now that cant be fair by any standard, right? I mean I didnt mind sitting next to her, shes a lovely person .... but the point is I dont get to take a wife home at the end of the party (Ok i am straight... but to be honest, sometimes i think i want a wife more than a husband! And i am sure it isnt so difficult to figure out why... he he!)

7. All in all, it turned out to be a good evening ..more than i had expected (Actually i had said yes to this idea only to see more than 10 indians in the same room... trust me, its a rare sight here!)

8.  ...and last but not the least... i was happy to discover that i still dont believe in making any new year resolutions!!

So, your turn now...what did you guys do?


I Walk Alone!!! said...

First things first.

1. Happy New Year

2. Loved your new template. Its fresh. Signifies freedom & Happiness.

3. Liked to see some "happy" sounding posts on your blog.

4. Now for what I did on the new year.... Ah!! It was not as exciting as it was for you. With limited or almost no friends around, I just went out for dinner and hookah to some Arabic joint at a place called “Boat Quay”. Then we waited for the new year countdown to begin. Enjoyed the fireworks and then headed straight back home.

I know does not sound exciting. But hopefully the year would be more exciting than the eve :)

Paradox Philic said...

@ I walk alone - I am glad that you like the new template :)

And if you had to go to an arabic joint only, why didnt you come to the land of authentic arabic joints? I mean..given that you could have had free lodging, really why didnt you? :)

I am sure, you would have a rocking year ahead... like i always say - Keep the faith (I know you already do... but i just like saying it :P)

Jhayu said...

@ Gina.

GINA!!!! That's a subtle change you made to the template... =P

And I am very glad to see another person openly admitting to utter disbelief in crappy new year's resolutions.

oh, and before I completely forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Paradox Philic said...

@ Jhayu - If you noticed it, it isnt subtle at all BTW you didnt say how did you like it.

Yes i still manage to maintain my absolute lack of faith in the resolution-making-only-to-break-them-the-next-day theory.... Good to know i am not alone. So they were serious when they coined the phrase Birds of a feather flock together :P

I Walk Alone!!! said...

Hey thanks for the invite :) I would ensure I am there the next time I wish to enjoy some authentic Arabic food :P

Thanks for the wishes girl... Faith and hope are the only two things that never desert you even when others do and so you should always hold on to them :)

Serendipity said...

Hi PP!
Lol, I love Namak.. from Omkara too :)

for point # 6 - lol!!! Guys can be so dunmb sometimes, im sure if that guy didnt have a wife, hes be lamenting ruefully his single status. :S

Paradox Philic said...

@ I walk alone - anytime man!

Paradox Philic said...

@ Serendipity - Welcome here...

lol...all of this was in good humour....the guy isnt dumb or anything , in fact is a good friend of mine :)

Che said...

Got Drunk.

Paradox Philic said...

@ Che - Hehehe thats a given, what besides that was my question.

Tazeen said...

you changed the tempelate

Paradox Philic said...

@ Tazeen - Yes i am aware of that :)

TripleLLL said...

Happy New Year from an ENFP!!

zombie said...

I did exactly what I did last year..went to the same place and partied with same people! Got a little less I getting less experimental ?? Don't know..and no new year resolutions for me this time.

Paradox Philic said...

TripleLLL - A very happy new year to you too :)

..and welcome here!

So ENFP hmmm... intresting!

Paradox Philic said...

Zombie - I would take partying with the same people anyday over experimenting!

...good to know that you also joined the i-dont-believe-in-making-resolutions club :)

Paradox Philic said...
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